• Small, community based energy storage systems based on flywheel and hydrostatic technologies are a Paradigm Grid focus.  We are currently working with micro grid communities to provide an effective alternative to large energy grids.  Contact us with your requirements.  If they align with our mission, we can work to begin crafting your custom solution.
  • Grid tie energy systems are becoming mainstream.  TPG Engineers have been installing these systems for over 5 years.  We can manage your entire solution from solar and rafter surveys to completed systems. 

Rural New Berlin: A case study

Working with a local electrical contractor, TPG engineers installed a 4KW system and managed local incentives and rebates resulting in a final cost of $1.27/watt. 

The home in New Berlin was well situated with a large expanse of mostly southern facing roof.  Six points were measured for solar harvest purposes.  A SolarEye was then used to accurately estimate sun exposure.

A value over 90% is good enough to receive local incentives so the job was comissioned.  Next, a rafter survey was done to precisely map anchor points and determine panel placement.

solar overhead layout

TPG Engineers installed rails and supports:



... to create a finished system.